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Metal Mayhem:
How Toxic Heavy

Metals Ma
y Be a Critical Factor in

Your Illness

   By Dr. Donald Liebell

   There’s no doubt about it...  we are living in a toxic world.  Many of your symptoms are caused by environmental and industrial toxins.  Heavy metals are a tremendous concern and threat to your health.  One simply cannot expect to recover from chronic Lyme disease without addressing metal toxicity.  Normally, our bodies can eliminate toxic heavy metals.  However, chronic illness such as Lyme disease renders you weakened in your ability to do so, resulting in a toxic build-up.   Your choice is to be aware of the poisonous substances we’re exposed to every day, or to ignore them.  There are over 100,000 chemicals used worldwide, with the numbers increasing dramatically.  It would be extremely naïve to assume much concern or testing for their safety exists.  It is not realistic to shield yourself from all of them.  However, we must do the best we can to avoid them, and take steps to eliminate existing toxins from our bodies.

   How often have you reported to a doctor that you’ve had symptoms such as fatigue, headaches, joint pain, memory troubles, etc?  Was it ever mentioned to you that metal toxicity could be part of the problem?  Have you been asked if you have mold or mildew problems in your home or workplace?  What about chemicals from paint, carpeting, household cleaners, personal care products, perfumes, and others that you may use regularly?  Traditional Western medicine seems to scoff at this idea… calling it a fabrication of “alternative medicine!”  Funny, since there’s a flood of evidence of toxicity from countless sources.   Any way you slice it, an integral part of a whole-body, wellness based approach to conquering chronic Lyme disease and its subsequently triggered illnesses.

   One important example of metal toxicity is that from mercury.  Mercury is a poisonous metal that can get into our bodies from various sources.  It weakens your immune system and can speed up infection.  Lyme disease, in turn weakens your body’s capacity to eliminate poisons.  This appears to be the reason why sufferers of chronic Lyme disease are more likely to accumulate mercury.  Who knows which came first—the mercury or the Lyme!  Either way, we must handle both problems, as part of a whole-body, wellness-based treatment approach.    Heavy metals interfere with normal balance and location in the body of nutritional minerals.  They can accumulate and affect the function of your brain, liver, heart, bones, and other organs.  Lead or cadmium, for example can replace normal calcium in enzyme reactions in your body.  Heavy metals, such as nickel, cadmium, and arsenic can affect your DNA, which has been linked to cancer. 

   Aluminum Alert
   The list of possible symptoms related to aluminum toxicity is staggering!

Alzheimer’s disease, confusion, dementia     Parkinson’s     Behavioral problems     Learning Disabilities     Colds

Gastrointestinal Problems     Low Energy     Decreased Immune Function     Restless Legs     Liver Problems

Kidney Problems     Headaches     Heartburn/Reflux     Numbness     Osteoporosis     Skin Problems     Muscle Aches


   How does aluminum get into your body?  It is unbelievable how many sources of toxic aluminum exist.  Here’s a list of just a few of them:

Antiperspirants and Deodorants     Cookware     Dental Amalgams     Tobacco Smoke     Toothpastes    

Water Supply   
Prescription & Over-the-Counter Medicines     Dust     Wiring     Ceramics     Baking Powder    

Beer     Auto Exhaust   
Aluminum Foil and Cans     Cosmetics     Pesticides

   Loaded with Lead?

   We are pelted with lead from many sources.  It can come from cigarette smoke, inks, pesticides, children’s toys, city water, paint, pottery, cosmetics, household dust, auto exhaust, canned fruit and juice, and various other industrial sources.  Lead toxicity can cause abdominal pains, adrenal gland dysfunction, kidney problems, peripheral neuropathies, numbness, joint pain, insomnia, headaches, depression, attention deficit disorder, allergies, anxiety, muscle weakness, thyroid problems, memory loss, menstrual problems, fatigue, and many other symptoms.

   Cadmium Catastrophe

   Cadmium toxicity has a shockingly long list of potential symptoms associated with it, including infertility, flu-like symptoms, bone disease, migraines, osteoporosis, liver damage, alopecia (hair loss disease), impotence, digestive difficulties, kidney disease, and many others.  If you are a smoker, you are inhaling cadmium every day.  Not only is cadmium found in cigarette smoke, but also in some sodas, refined grains and cereals, fish, tap water, and various environmental and industrial contaminants.

   Mercury Madness?

   If you’re fatigued, perhaps it’s not all caused by Lyme disease.  Mercury toxicity can cause adrenal glands dysfunction, in addition to a mind-blowing number of symptoms:

Speech disorders     Nerve degeneration     Thyroid dysfunction     Memory Loss     Skin Problems    

Suicidal Tendencies   Joint Pain     Migraines     Dizziness     Hyperactivity     Depression    

Loss of Coordination    Vision Problems      Hearing Loss

   Mercury sources are numerous, including all kinds of manufacturing and industrial production.  Mercury is of course, found in dental fillings.  But it can get into your body from cosmetics, fabric softeners, seafood, tattoos, laxatives, pesticides, and yes—our water supply.  Mercury can “light the fire” to many chronic illnesses, and seems to be a major factor with Lyme disease.  It is one of the most poisonous metals on the planet.

  Copper Conundrum

  If you’re suffering depression, copper toxicity could be a factor.  The same is the case for yet another horrifying long list of symptoms, including allergies, fatigue, thyroid dysfunction, insomnia, decreased sex drive, panic attacks, urinary tract infections, yeast infections, mood swings, and many more.  Copper toxicity has even been linked with multiple sclerosis, which incidentally, has been found to be in some cases, misdiagnosed chronic Lyme disease (read my article on MS and Lyme).  Copper can get into your body from cookware, dental fillings, pesticides, industrial emissions, birth control pills, beer, fish, chocolate, and many other food and industrial sources.  I can go on and on about other metals and symptoms of their toxicity, including arsenic, beryllium, iron, nickel, etc.  I challenge all readers with this question:

  Do you know anybody who doesn’t suffer from at least one of the symptoms discussed in this article, which could very likely be associated with metal toxicity?  Familiarize yourself with these heavy metal potential symptoms, along with those attributed to Borrelia—the bacteria of Lyme disease, as well as those related to the co-infections, Bartonella, Babesia, and Ehrlichia.  Perhaps you will come to the conclusion that a good doctor absolutely must consider all of these factors (and other toxins and microbes) when a patient presents to them with nearly any problem.

  How Do We Protect Ourselves?

  Awareness of these toxins is a start.  I recommend taking measures to reduce household sources of metal toxicity.  But we can’t live in a “bubble.”  My three children attend Virginia Beach public schools, and are exposed to various toxins (including toxic molds and mildew) both there and in the outside world.  My family is very careful about the foods we eat, the cleaning products we use, and various other measures.  But the most important step we have taken is the use of homeopathic detoxification, which includes formulas designed to help eliminate heavy metals.  When my wife, Sheila used to have chronic Lyme disease, homeopathic detoxification of heavy metals was a critical factor in her complete recovery.  I have treated patients who had previously undergone intravenous chelation therapy, and numerous other very expensive and potentially risky treatment approaches to eliminate heavy metals.

  I practice what I preach, and thus offer only homeopathic metal detoxification, as part of the whole-body, wellness-based approach I use to help sufferers of the chronic Lyme disease complex regain their health.  I make no claims that this approach eliminates all metals, nor is any government grant being issued to me or any of my colleagues in the energy medicine field to research its effectiveness.  I would love to see the results, if such studies would ever take place.  In the meantime, my patients’ superb health improvements are their measuring stick, supported by my examination findings using Auricular Medicine bio-energetic testing.



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