Treatment Methods
A One-of-a-Kind, Whole-Body, Wellness-Based
Support System for People Suffering
Symptoms Associated with the Chronic Effects of Lyme Disease & other Tick-Triggered Illness

By Dr. Donald Liebell

   In my opinion, the best health care involves treatments that do not work against the body's energetic systems.  Methods should reinforce and support and promote normal body function in the most specific manner possible.  All of the testing and treatment methods in my program fulfill such requirements. 

   Comprehensive medical history and consultation, combined with Auricular Medicine Bio-energetic testing is my basis for determining each patients natural support regmine.  It is a unique and sophisticated approach, which does not seek to treat the disease, but rather the PERSON who is suffering disease.

   Treatment consists typically of two main bio-energetic treatment protocols:

   We are using Auricular Therapy (specialized ear acupuncture system) to clear energetic blockages to healing.  This is a concept not recognized nor understood by traditional Western medicine.  It is however a significant part of many Eastern approaches, including Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).  An energetic blockage is anything that interferes with normal energy flow throughout acupuncture meridians (energy channels) or any of your body's organs or other structures.  In Eastern medicine, such blockages cause instability and disharmony in all energetic processes throughout the body.  Practitioners of energetic medicine techniques throughout the world understand that blockages, left uncorrected will interfere with possibly all attempts to correct the person's condition.  This means that if energetic blockages are NOT considered, determined, and treated... any subsequent treatment for the patient will likely be unsuccessful.  My examination of people suffering the devastation of chronic Lyme disease begins with techniques to determine the presence of, location, and elimination of energetic blockages, which are often located in the brain. 

   I utilize Auricular Medicine (ear-based bio-energetic procedures) developed by Dr. Paul Nogier, the famous scientist/engineer/neurologist/acupuncturist/homeopath, who was decorated by the French government for his contributions to medicine.  This method was furthered by anesthesiologist, medical acupuncturist, researcher, and author, Nader Soliman, M.D., from whom I received my training.  The details of Auricular Medicine bio-energetic testing are covered in detail on my website,  
   Auricular Medicine is an evaluation system.  It is the bio-energetic testing.  Auricular Therapy is a treatment method, which involves various means of stimulating acupuncture points exclusively on the outer ear.  Initial comprehensive patient evaluation includes detection of energetic blockages and subsequent treatment of such with Auricular Therapy.  Once energetic blockages are cleared, the Auricular Medicine procedures are used to determine what comprehensive homeopathic supplements will likely be effective for each patient.  There is no generic or set protocol.  This detection and treatment of specific energetic blockages is one of the key differences between my protocols and any other attempts to help people suffering chronic Lyme.  

   We have several objectives when it comes to helping the chronic Lyme sufferer get on the road to wellness.  As mentioned above, detecting and correcting energetic blockages is first and foremost.  It is my opinion that this is one of the critical aspects of my approach that has secured my patients' success, after many other treatment methods had failed (including traditional Western medicine, Eastern approaches, as well as nutritional regimens, Rife machines, herbal medicines, and traditional style homeopathy).  Simply put, if the energetic blockages are not cleared; any subsequent treatment won't work!  Conventional medicine of course, thinks this is hogwash. Fortunately my practice does not exist to please doctors; it exists to get people well. 

   The next important aspect of evaluation and treatment is detoxification and drainage.  It is my opinion that one cannot expect to get well without this critical aspect of whole-body, wellness-based care.  Traditional Western medicine isn't too fond of this principle, and again frequently writes it off as another one of those "ridiculous and bogus concepts of alternative medicine."   Once again, I have no interest in securing the respect and admiration of other doctors, who criticize that with which they have zero knowledge, understanding, or experience... but nevertheless helps get people well. 

   Our bodies are bombarded with toxins of all kinds.  Auricular Medicine testing can suggest the presence of various toxins such as heavy metals (aluminum, lead, mercury, etc.)., various chemicals and other substances that interfere with wellness.  In my opinion and experience, properly done homeopathic detoxification and drainage is the most effective, safest, easiest, most gentle, and cost-effective approach.  I have access to ANY detoxification products on the market (short of prescription drugs, which I'd never use anyway... and I don't even know if such exist); but I choose a specialized and comprehensive homeopathic approach.  Plus, a high percentage of chronic Lyme disease patients, who seek my care have already tried, but failed with various "detox" programs, including nutritional and herbal programs, intravenous chelation therapy, hyperbaric chambers, and others.

   Details on homeopathic detoxification and drainage are covered in another article on this website.

   Once we address detoxification and drainage, we look to evaluate the energetic status of organs and body systems.  We combine knowledge of each patient's signs and symptoms from medical case history, with "micro-energetic information" from the Auricular Medicine exam.  For example, we frequently have indications of problems with various organs and glands, such as the liver, adrenal glands, kidneys, and digestive organs.  Specific homeopathic support for these structures must be provided if we are to treat the BODY... and WHOLE PERSON.  Accordingly, each patient's treatment is different. 

Do you see so far, how we are NOT treating chronic Lyme disease,
but rather the PERSON victimized by it? 

   The wellness-based approach acknowledges the integration of all systems of the body, all possible impediments to normal function, and any means to support better function.  This does NOT mean for example, taking expensive "adrenal fatigue" nutritional supplements every day, for 3-5 years!  If we are addressing the CAUSE of much adrenal fatigue, which I have no doubt is Lyme... your adrenals can make their comeback in a matter of months, not years (at a tremendously lower cost, with progressive reductions in frequency and dosage of treatments).    Once blockages, detoxification and drainage, and organs and systems are evaluated for problems, and Auricular Therapy acupuncture treatments are determined... the next step is determining the energetic suggestions of specific micro-organisms, and appropriate complex homeopathic formulas.  These homeopathic supplements are designed to provide laser-specific, energetic support to your greatly suffering and weakened body. 

I cannot stress enough that these complex homeopathic formulas in no way resemble antibiotics, herbal medications, or any other type of treatment that attempts to chemically kill Borrelia (the Lyme disease bacteria) or its co-infections (Ehrlicia, Babesia, and Bartonella). 

   I have neither the qualification nor the desire to prescribe medicines, in an attempt to chemically annihilate bacteria.  I leave that approach to the "Lyme Literate Medical Doctors" (LLMD).  My homeopathic treatment protocol is a comprehensive approach that acknowledges the entire body's needs... using what history has proven to be the safest treatment approach.  After your case history and Auricular Medicine evaluation (including ear acupuncture) is complete.  I email you a customized protocol sheet, which lists the various complex homeopathic supplement products, along with their dosages and frequency of taking them.  The supplements provided are an approximately 2-month supply.  Thus, re-evaluation is performed after a 2-month period.  We will evaluate progress, as well as determining what homeopathic products need to be taken, which ones no longer are required, and what reductions in dosage or frequency may be recommended.

   Use of the homeopathic products is progressively less and less!  Fewer products, taken less and less... as you get better and better.  This is a process of your body healing itself, not a masking of symptoms... not a temporary fix of killing bacteria in your body (while your immune system is further depressed).  There are no contracts, commitments, or obligations of any kind.  Homeopathy is energetic "medicine" and causes no known side effects.  It has been used worldwide for over 200 years, and to my knowledge, there has NEVER been a lawsuit as a result of its use.  What other treatment method can boast that claim?

   Patient recovery results are the result of natural healing.  The properly administered and monitored ear acupuncture and comprehensive homeopathic treatment combine as a highly sophisticated support to your body -- to help restore its capacity to heal itself from the ravages of Lyme disease and concurrent illnesses and symptoms.  Sound, sensible, and safe examination, treatment, and advice from a doctor who, along with his family have beaten Lyme and are completely well, is what I offer you.  No nonsense, no gimmicks, no hokey "cure alls," and no phoney baloney promises, guarantees, or unrealistic expectations. 

   Results... Just Results.  

    I'm here to help, and I'll be glad to answer your questions.  You can copy and paste the address above into your email.  I respond to questions in the order I receive them, usually within 48 hours.  My responses are for general information only, and must not be construed as advice for specific medical treatment or diagnosis.  For appointments, please call my office.  Your email address or other information is confidential; I will never share it with anyone, nor will it be used for any form of solicitation.   I look forward to your questions!  

                                              - Dr. Donald Liebell

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